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Cool Books

Author, Title, Publisher (age level/subject area)

Steger, Will; Over The Top of The World, Scholastic (elementary/upper level/dogsledding/arctic)

Townsend, R.F.; The Ancient America Art From Sacred Landscapes, The Art Institute of Chicago (upper level/art)

Pryor, Bonnie; The Dream Jar, Morrow Jr. Books (elementary/pursuing goals)

Wood, Douglas; The Windigo's Return: A Northwoods Story, Simon and Shuster Books for Young Readers (elementary/northern tale)

Rosenberg, Liz; Moonbathing, Harcourt Brace and Company (elementary/tale)

Ray, Deborah Kogan; Stargazing Sky, Crown Publishers, Inc. (elementary, astronomy)

Polacco, Patricia; The Keeping Quilt, Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers (elementary/family traditions)

Paulson, Gary; Dogteam, Delacorte (elementary/dogsledding)

McGuire, Richard; Night Becomes Day, Viking Press (elementary/daily cycle) 

Newth, Phillip; Roly Goes Exploring, Philomel Books (elementary/dealing with challenges)

Goble, Paul; Buffalo Woman, Bradbury Press (elementary/tale)

Muller, Gerda; Circle of Seasons, E.P. Dutton (elementary/seasons)

Pinkwater, Daniel; Aunt Lulu, Macmillan Publishing Company (elementary/dogsledding) 

Osofsky, Audrey; Dreamcatcher, Orchard Books (elementary/tale)

Bowden, Joan Chase; Why the Tides Ebb and Flow, Houghton Mifflin Company (elementary/the sea)

Cooper, Jason; Discovery Series- Library of the Sea, The Rourke Corporation, Inc. (elementary/the sea)

Allen, Pamela; Who Sank the Boat? Coward-McCann, Inc. (elementary/floating)

Bowen, Betsy; Gathering, Little Brown and Company (elementary/getting ready for winter)

Bowen, Betsy; Antler, Bear, Canoe: A Northwoods Alphabet Year, Little Brown and Company (elementary/animals)

Bowen, Betsy; Tracks in the Wild, Little Brown and Company (elementary/tracks)

Reading Break Cont.

Pluckrose, Henry; Arctic Lands, Small World Gloucester Press (upper elementary/Arctic)

Laycock, George; Beyond the Arctic Circle, Four Winds Press (upper level/Arctic)

Rinkoff, Barbara; A Map is a Picture, Thomas Y. Crowell Company (elementary/maps)

Gondsmit, Samuel A.; Time, Time Incorporated (middle/time)

Lessem, Don; The Iceman, Crown Publishers, Inc. (middle/archeology)

Owen, Russell; The Conquest of the North and South Poles: Adventure of the Peary and Byrd Expeditions, Random House (upper level/adventure)

Wenzel, Dorothy; Ann Bancroft: On Top of the World, Dillon Press.Inc. (middle/adventure) 

Knowlton, Jack; Maps and Globes, Thomas Y. Crowell (elementary/maps)

Tejada, Susan Mandshein; Geo-Whiz! Books for World Explorers, National Geographic Society (middle/reference)

Hargreaves, Pat; The Arctic: Seas and Oceans, Siver-Burdett (middle/Arctic)

Paulson, Gary; Wood Song, Bradbury Press (middle/dogsledding)

Lombardy, William; Chess for Children: Step by Step, Little Brown and Company (middle/chess)

Levine, Caroline Anne; Snow Fun, Franklin Watts (elementary/snow)

Myers, Hortense; Vilhjalmur Stefansson: Young Arctic Explorer, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc. (upper level/adventure)

Siberell, Anne; Whale in the Sky, E.P. Dutton (elementary/tale)

Sis, Peter; A Small Tall Tale from the Far Far North, Alfred A. Knopf (upper elementary/tale)

Stevenson, Robert Louis; The Moon, Harper and Row (elementary/poem)

Yolen, Jane; Owl Moon, Philomel Books (elementary/tale)

Kusugak, Michael Arraarluk; Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails, Annick Press (elementary/tale)

Landon, Jonathan; The Owl Who Became the Moon, Dutton Children's Books (elementary/tale)

Gill, Shelley; Adventure at the Bottom of the World, Paws IV Publishing (middle/adventure)

Kusugak, Michael Arraarluk; Hide and Sneak, Annick Press (elementary/Arctic tale)

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur; Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic, Ayer Company (upper level/adventure)

Freuchen, Peter; I Sailed With Rasmussen, Julian Messner, Inc. (upper level/adventure)

Stonehouse, Bernard; North Pole, South Pole: A Guide to the Ecology and Resources of the Arctic and the Antarctic, Prion Publishing (upper level/resource)

Reading Break Cont.

Wood, Douglas; Old Turtle, Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers (elementary/tale)

Todd, Kathleen; Snow, Addisson-Wesley (lower elementary/snow)

Mosel, Arlene; The Funny Little Woman, E.P. Dutton and Comp., Inc. (elementary/tale)

Yashima, Taro; Seashore Story, The Viking Press (elementary/the sea)

Osborn, Mary Pope; Mermaid Tales from Around the World, (upper elementary/tale)

Braymer, Marjorie; Atlantis: The Biography of a Legend, (upper elementary/sea legend)

Martin Jr., Bill; Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Henry Holt and Company (elementary/animals)

Joose, Barbara M.; Mama Do You Love Me? Chronicle books (elementary/Arctic love story)

Suess, Dr., Oh, The Places You'll Go! Random House (elementary/inspiration)

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner; Seal Pup Grows Up: The Story of a Harbor Seal, 
Smithsonian Oceanic Collection (elementary/seals)

Martin Jr., Bill; Knots on a Counting Rope (elementary/tale)

James, Simon; My Friend Whale, Harcourt Brace and Company (lower elementary/whales)

Aaseng, Nathan; Horned Animals, Lerner Publications Company (upper elementary/animals)

Caras, Roger; Treasury of Great Dog Stories, Galahad Books (upper elementary/dogs)

Tinbergen, Niko, Animal Behavior, Life Nature Library--Time Incorporated (upper elementary/animals)

Hunt, Patricia; Snowy Owls, Dodd, Mead and Company (upper elementary/owls)

Hutchins, Ross E.; How Animals Survive, Parents' Magazine Press (upper elementary/animals) 

Harris, Bill; Natures Curious Creatures, A Friedman Group Book (upper elementary/animals)

Branley, Frankln M.; What Makes Day and Night, Thomas Y. Crowell Company (upper elementary/earth-sun cycle)

Fowler, Allan; So That's How the Moon Changes Shape! Harcourt, Brace and Company (upper elementary/astronomy)

Goetz, Delia; The Arctic Tundra, William Morrow and Company (upper elementary/geology)

Seibert, Patricia; Mush: Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled Dog Race (elementary/dogsledding)

Sperry, Armstrong; All About the Arctic and Antarctic, Random House Books (upper elementary/Arctic)

Beattie, Owen and Geiger, John; Buried In Ice: The Mystery of a lost Arctic Expedition, Scholastic/Madison Press (upper elementary/adventure)

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