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Arctic Blast 2001

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At Nomads, our mission is to foster cultural understanding, instill a sense of environmental responsibility, and create adventurous spirits.  We accomplish this by:

  • using the allure of sled dogs and magic of arctic travel to promote learning

  • developing quality, multi disciplinary educational programs that capture the imagination and fascination of students of all ages

  • providing access to advanced interactive telecommunications to inspire a global exchange of ideas

Teaching with Arctic Blast

The Arctic Blast 2001 educational program exists on many different levels.  Teachers, students, and adventurers of all ages can participate in an arctic expedition.  From free access to the expedition website to a nationally accredited curriculum package to current issue analysis in Lotus QuickPlace Collaboration Zones, the Arctic Blast team presents a unique, multifaceted, educational program. 

Ideally, we would like all schools to participate in more than just a “map and follow” activity.  Our curriculum is designed in an easy-to-use format so that teachers can integrate the expedition’s resources into their classroom experience.  Each week, the weekly topic is introduced and highlighted on the Arctic Blast website while the expedition team dovetails from the trail, drawing parallels from the print on paper (or screen) to real life experiences and current social issues, creating many teachable moments.  Though we encourage involvement in the entire program, the easy and well-rounded format of each unit gives teachers the ability to use individual topics as effective lessons.

The complete Arctic Blast experience includes:

1. Curriculum Package Free to download. The nationally accredited curriculum package contains 16 units and is designed specifically to compliment the Arctic Blast 2001 expedition.  The reproducible activities in this curriculum package are designed to immediately engage students in active research, experiments, and other problem solving activities. Each activity clearly states the learner outcomes and provides an ample workspace for students.

2. Online ClassroomOpen for all. The Arctic Blast Web site www.arcticblast.polarhusky.com is the centerpiece of this year’s online program - merging the expedition, educational goals, and the needs of your classroom. Within the website, you will find the who, what, where, when, and why’s of the Arctic Blast expedition as well as in-depth information on arctic issues that ultimately relate to global perspectives. Other website highlights include journals, pictures, movie clips, audio clips, and games which lead students into hands-on activities, both on and off line.

3. Lotus QuickPlace Collaboration Zones First 1,000 North American schools. Within the 8 collaboration zones, you and your students can experience REAL online collaboration.  Working with hundreds of other classrooms across the North American continent and spurred by fascinating and relevant topics, students are pulled by the polar huskies and encouraged to tap into their personal thoughts by participating in interactive activities. Via your normal browser, your classroom will be able to collect and share documents, participate in moderated chat and explore without the worry of compatible programs.

The Expedition Website

Don’t surf the Internet… Dog Sled It!  Click any icon on the front page to learn more about the Arctic Blast expedition.  From Q&A, to interesting surveys, to weekly updates, this website has all an armchair explorer needs to begin an arctic adventure.  Wondering the who, what, when, and where’s of the Arctic Blast 2001 expedition?  Find important information about Nunavut, the team, and their route.  You may even learn something you never thought possible in “Polar Husky A to Z.”

Start each week with an in-depth look at “On the Expedition.”  Easily the most important component of our website, the “weekly topic and news” merges the expedition, educational goals, and the needs of teachers in one succinct format.  Also, receive weekly trail updates as well as forms for “trekking with the polar huskies.”


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