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PIMAGIHOWIN 2003 Evaluation Form
Thank you for participating in NOMADS Online Classroom Expedition, Pimagihowin 2003.
The expedition has been an outstanding success for all involved: expedition members, Polar Huskies, teachers, and students. This year's program highlighted many of the same great components as last year. It also featured some new and improved sections due, in part, to comments and suggestions from last year's participants. Please take time to fill out this evaluation form as it will better help us serve your classroom and teaching needs. 

We will conduct a drawing amongst those of you who submit the evaluation form prior to Sunday, April 20th. The prize will be an autographed 8 by 10 picture frame from the expedition trail, along with one copy of the book "Over The Top of The World" by Will Steger.

Your Information
Email Address:
How did you hear about NOMADS Online Classroom Expedition, Pimagihowin 2003?

Was the information provided previous to the expedition sufficient?

What additions or changes would you recommend?
What computer and browser did you use? 

Did you have any technical problems?

If yes, please explain
Please list any general comments about the website
(navigation, organization, graphics, etc.)

How often did you visit the Pimagihowin Online Classroom (website)?

Was the information provided in general appropriate for your grade level?  

Please select your grade level:

Comments - What changes would you make?:
What component of the program did you use the most?
Please check one.

Please describe how you incorporated Pimagihowin 2003 into your daily and weekly classes?
Did you use the 2003 Curriculum & Activity Guide?

If yes, how often?

Please comment on the layout, structure and content of the 2003 Curriculum & Activity Guide.
Did you use any of the three (Dog, Phenology, Your Culture) "Collaboration Zones"?

Why or why not?

Please check zone(s) used.
Did you participate in any of the Lotus Sametime chats?

Why or why not?

Were the email News Updates from Base Camp useful?

Why or why not?

What changes or additions would you suggest for next year's Online Classroom Expedition?
Are you interested in participating in next year's program?

Wrapping up this years program, we would love to receive any images or "copies", website url's etc. of projects you and your students have made out in the classrooms.
Thank you very much, all of us at NOMADS look forward to more adventuring and learning with you in the future!

The winner of our drawing will be announced by email and on the welcome page, Thursday, May 1st.


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