Quickplace Collaboration Zone OUTLINE

Each Collaboration Zone follows the exact same format. 

Content within each Zone, is of course, different; however, understanding the layout of each is crucial.  The structure provides insight into each activity.  The following general guidelines are used to design the text within every Collaboration Zone.  

Remember, Base Camp Eric's rule of three... the bulk of Collaboration Zone information is arranged in three groups with three activities, or parts, in each group.

The introduction provides insight into each Lotus QuickPlace Collaboration Zone topic.  "From the Sled..." builds a connection from the trail experiences of team Arctic Blast to the specific Zone topic.  For example, The Big Freeze is prefaced by a narrative about being cold.  The other two parts of the Introduction contain relevant background information.  The first creates a foundation of basic facts.  The second bridges the content to "brainstorming" and "collaboration" activities.  All three parts of the introduction should be read before entering the rest of the Collaboration Zone.  Links within the text provide access to more information if desired.
Collaboration Activities
Within each topic, there are three opportunities for collaboration.  Collaboration Activities offer students the opportunity to share ideas and compare viewpoints.   Each Collaboration Activity provides a different opportunity for students to formulate ideas.  The questions posed directly relate to the framework constructed during the Introduction. Groups or classes then work with other schools to collect and share documents, exchange ideas, and collaborate on suggested projects.
The brainstorming questions encourage students to reflect on their own opinions and values, and apply their beliefs to real world situations.  Each of the three brainstorming questions prime thinking with a short statement. A series of (usually) three questions outline a starting point for current issues analysis. Space is provided within each question for input into threaded discussions.
Questions from Base Camp
Access to computers and computer time is often very limited.  Therefore, Team Arctic Blast provides teachers with a list of three to four additional discussion and problem solving questions.  These can be downloaded and used in any form.  
The Library lists informative, related books.
This section lists links on informative, related web sites.
Survey questions follow the basic flow of the brainstorming and collaboration activities.  Students can answer three questions.  Choices are tabulated and results posted.
To give you a better feel and understanding of the Quickplace Collaboration Zones, we suggest you  take a tour with our tutorial guide.

If you have questions, please take a look at our FAQ or write our Collaboration Zone manager Eric Larsen an email  at eric@polarhusky.com
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