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WEEK 10:
Thinking Seasons
"Despite scorching heat, strong winds and a rain storm we dog sledded into the community of Attiwapiskat just a few hours ago. The last three days the Polar Huskies have covered more than 110 miles -- 40 of those just today! ... We have truly been tested by Mother Nature and her weather hymns this week. Spring has definitely arrived. At times we have actually been wondering if maybe even summer came around!"


Watch the Polar Huskies on their last mile to Attawapiskat!

Hear the teams' "goodbye" song for this year! 

Thurs. 3/27: Review the week. Exercise your brain on this week's Quiz
Friday 3/28: In the Q&A read the answers to questions that YOU send team NOMADS during the week! 

Click here to enter chat room! Tuesday 3/25: Chat about "Global Warming" at 
10 am CST & 12 pm CST.

Topic: Global Warming

Discussion Board: Global Warming

Movie Of The Week

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Movie Of The Week


Our team has arrived in Attawapiskat - wrapping up our journey with the Polar Huskies, Paul and Mille for this year! Monday was the first day of Spring and as you can read all about in this week report, it definately arrived up north, blasting our team with lots of crazy weather from heat wave to rain storm.

Just like farmers do, explorers and dogsledders always talk about the weather. When you are traveling and living on the land you are completely dependent upon it. To predict the change of seasons, explorers keep a close eye on the little signs of nature every day.

The traditional lifestyle of the Oji-Cree was directly connected to each season. Understanding the climate of Northern Ontario and its effect on all life was crucial to their livelihood. We will take a close look at the seasonal activities of the Oji-Cree and how their nomadic lifestyle has changed over time.

Do you know what creates weather, seasons and climate? On our expeditions over the last couple of years we have experienced some pretty "scary" stuff when it comes to amazing weather. Strange ice, awkward storms, painful sunburns and early Spring are all related changing weather patterns. This week we will discuss what "Global Warming" is, and what it might mean to us all.

Discuss your ideas about the earth's changing climate in this week's chat "Global Warming" on Tuesday March, 25th at 10:00 am and 12 noon CST.

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