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Arctic Blast 2001

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Team Arctic Blast Arrives Home

“We could see the bay where Grise Fiord lay from our camp. It was our last the night of the Arctic Blast expedition and our thoughts drifted to other camp sites, people we had met, hardships endured, close calls with polar bears, pride toward our dogs, and of course, all the students who followed us. Both of us were lost in the past four months and over 2,000 miles of dog sled travel.” - Paul Pregont, Arctic Blast 2001 Expedition Co Leader

While in Grise Fiord, team Arctic Blast was treated to breathtaking scenery, a feast sponsored by Lotus for Paul, Mille, and all of Grise Fiord’s residents, and 24 hour daylight. The team was also able to participate in a final Lotus Sametime chat with many of the participating schools and sponsors.

Team Arctic Blast has now arrived back in warm and “summery” Minnesota. All twenty Polar Huskies are enjoying the warm June sun and seem unfazed by the rapid transition from winter in the Canadian Arctic to summer in Grand Marais, MN.

Paul and Mille would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all who have participated in the Arctic Blast 2001 online dog sled expedition. This unique program has allowed students from across North America to follow an Arctic dog sled adventure while integrating a nationally accredited curriculum, an expedition website, and Lotus QuickPlace and Sametime technology. Please visit our expedition website at www.arcticblast.polarhuksy.com to learn more about this amazing program.

National Geographic news arrived in Grise Fiord to film the final leg of the Arctic Blast expedition. Arctic Blast footage can be seen on National Geographic News on the National Geographic Channel. The “News” program will also run features about Grise Fiord and the people who live there. For more information, please visit their web site at www.nationalgeographic.com.

For information about next year’s program, to send feedback, or request a map, please send an email to info@polarhusky.com.

“We were both quietly taking our dogs out of their harness and staking them out. A dense fog completely blocked our view of Grise Fiord only 100 yards away. We had arrived but everything, including us and the dogs, was quiet. Suddenly, I heard Paul tell me to look up. As soon as I did, the fog in the bay lifted and there was Grise Fiord nestled delicately on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. Reaching Ellesmere Island was the result of almost four months of arduous travel and years of preparation and planning. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. My breath was literally taken away.” -Mille Porsild Arctic Blast 2001 Expedition Co Leader

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