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Team Arctic Blast has over thirty years and 35,000 miles of mushing and arctic travel under their collective belts.  With all that experience, they should be able to answer just about any question you can throw their way.  Once a week, team members will try to provide the answers that you need to know. 


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Here is what you do: Send an email to questions@polarhusky.com by the end of each week. Then...

On Tuesday of the following week, check out the answers right here on "Q & A with the team"

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Posted Tuesday, Feb. 20th
What kind of animals do you expect to see? Even in winter, the arctic is full of wildlife and we expect to see wolves, polar bears (hopefully from very far away), arctic hares, wolverines, arctic fox, musk ox, ptarmigan and a few other bird species, as well as seals, whales, and walruses while we're traveling on the ocean.
What if one of the lead dogs, possibly the lead dog, refuses to work? Our Polar Huskies love to run and pull more than anything else in the world. A good leader will almost always work with a musher to get through difficult situations; however, they sometimes have a 'bad' day - just like people. A lead dog might become a little nervous (like when crossing slippery ice) and decide not to go that particular direction. The easiest solution is to put another dog in lead position. It is very important for mushers to try to understand why the dog is reacting the way it is rather than becoming frustrated.
Will you ever go back to Nunavut when the sixteen weeks are over? Yes, definitely! Team members are currently researching next year's expedition. Also, Base Camp Eric really wants to canoe the Thelon River which runs through the middle of Nunavut.
What happens if a dog gets lost or dies during the expedition? If a dog were to get loose during the expedition, it would most likely stay around the team and the other dogs. Besides, they know where all the food and fun (they really want to run and pull) is!
What other expeditions have you been on and to where? Team members have been on expeditions on the Arctic Ocean, in Nunavut, the MacKenzie River delta, Alaska, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, and of course, northern Minnesota
How do you recharge your laptop computer? The team has a few different options. First, they can use a Honda generator. They also carry special gel cell battieries as well as a solar panel. All can be used to charge the team's IBM ThinkPad (see communication fact sheet).
What is Eric's favorite  food ? Eric's favorite food is ravioli noodles

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