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Team Arctic Blast has over thirty years and 35,000 miles of mushing and arctic travel under their collective belts.  With all that experience, they should be able to answer just about any question you can throw their way.  Once a week, team members will try to provide the answers that you need to know. 


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Here is what you do: Send an email to questions@polarhusky.com by the end of each week. Then...

On Tuesday of the following week, check out the answers right here on "Q & A with the team"

Q & A Schedule:

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Tuesday, February 27th
Tuesday, March 6th
Tuesday, March 13th
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Posted Tuesday, Feb. 27th
How many hours of daylight do you have? It starts getting light around seven in the morning and the sun sets at about 5:30 pm. Each day, the sun is rising earlier and setting later, and eventually, we will be traveling in 24 hour light!
What is your favorite Husky? Its hard to pick just one to be a favorite. We like each for a different reason. For example, Cola is great with kids; Spank is the boss and a very hard worker; young Terex will be an excellent dog and possibly a leader; Timber is crazy about pulling; Aksel is a strong minded leader. Each Polar Huskies has a unique personality and we love them all!
What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Well, first of all we eat lots of food and most of it is smothered in butter and cheese. Breakfast is usually oatmeal or granola with sausage, lunch is soup, trail mix, dried fruits and nuts, and candy bars. Dinner consists of a noodle or rice dish with some type meat and vegetables. Of course, we also eat energy bars throughout the day. In the tent, we drink tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, and energy drinks. We also may nibble on an energy bar in the middle of the night if we get cold.
Are you taking vitamins? Yes, we take a multi vitamin each day to supplement our diet. Its got vitamin C too, so we won't get scurvy either.
Do you ever bring dogs in the tent to keep you warm? No, in order to keep warm we do one of three things: eat more food (don't forget to add butter and cheese), put on more clothes, or do some kind of physical activity.
Are the conditions (weather, snow, etc.) what you expected or have you had some surprises you didn't plan for? The team has experienced extreme cold and wind as well as unusual ice conditions. That is, of course, fairly normal Nunavut weather. See recent trail reports for further details.
How do you go to the bathroom? The same way everyone else does, but outside and very quickly. Its cold!

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