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Team Arctic Blast has over thirty years and 35,000 miles of mushing and arctic travel under their collective belts.  With all that experience, they should be able to answer just about any question you can throw their way.  Once a week, team members will try to provide the answers that you need to know. 


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Here is what you do: Send an email to questions@polarhusky.com by the end of each week. Then...

On Tuesday of the following week, check out the answers right here on "Q & A with the team"

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Posted Tuesday, March 13th
Have you met any people along the way? Yes, although when we're out on the trail it is rare. It is important to realize that Nunavut is over three times the size of Texas with a population of only around 29,000 people. We did meet Brett and his bombadier just outside of Arviat. Also, people are usually very nice to us when we enter one of the villages.
Do you ever eat junk food? Well, it depends on what you consider junk food. We brought along A LOT of candy bars, and we usually eat one each day. They give us a quick burst of energy and warmth. Our tastes are pretty simple as we only packed Milky Way and Mars bars. For us, eating junk food out here could prove to be fairly dangerous. Junk food does not give us the nutrient or energy requirements that we need; therefore, we have to eat a balanced, healthy diet.
What are your favorite Inuit foods? Paul favors Caribou steak - hands down. Mille likes a special treat made out of whale fat.
Do you like the cold weather? Yes!!! When we are dressed properly, we are rarely cold. Actually, if the temperatures rise above 10 degrees F, it can be uncomfortable. It really isn't that bad, and as the saying goes, "you get used to it." Of course, a positive attitude helps a lot! If you think you're going to be cold, you probably will be.
Is it cold where you are? Well, I guess that depends on what you consider cold, now doesn't it.
Why did you choose to go on this trip? That's a great question! Team Arctic Blast is dedicated to bringing the thrill of arctic travel and the compassion of sled dogs to classrooms around the world. Our main focus is education and we are doing this adventure to teach students of all ages about many important topics (world resource use, pollution, national identity, ecology, etc.). Plus, we love traveling with the Polar Huskies.
How do you cross the water if the ice is not thick enough? We don't! If the ice is not safe, we must find a different route. Traveling across the arctic can be very tricky because even in the extreme cold there are places where moving water keeps the ice very thin. We also need to be able to distinguish safe ice from dangerous ice.

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