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Arctic Blast 2001

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Take our Survey!
Now is your chance! Don't wait another minute. You can't miss an opportunity like this. Team Arctic Blast wants to make your voice heard. Enter your opinion on each important question. This survey could change your life.

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1. Have you ever kissed a dog on the mouth?

  Yes, but we are just friends.
  Yes, it was an accident.
  Maybe, but you'll never know.
  Never - No way!

2. Do you like to eat raw fish?

  Yes, I'm a regular at the local sushi restaurant.
  Yes, my mom slipped some into the mashed potatoes once when I wasn't looking.
  It was either a raw fish or a deviled egg - I can't remember which.
  I don't eat raw anything.

3. What kind of sled dog are you?

  Leader - I'm smart and responsible and the view is a lot better.
  Point Dog - I'm not there yet, but I'll be leader someday.
  Team Dog - I go with the flow and always do my job.
  Wheel Dog - I'm big, strong, and full of energy.

4. The Northern Lights are caused by:

  Little Gnomes dancing around the North Pole with flashlights.
  Moonlight reflecting off the earth's polar ice caps.
  Solar radiation reacting with gas in the earth's atmosphere.
  Luminescent dust particles drifting through the Earth's atmosphere.

5. My favorite expedition food would be:

  A stick of butter.
  Oatmeal with butter.
  Ramen noodles with butter (and cheese).
  Peanut butter with butter.

6. My favorite season is:


7. I will eat snow:

  Whenever I'm thirsty.
  Only if it isn't yellow.
  Its OK to eat snow?
  I never eat snow because it wastes body heat.

8. Who is your favorite Arctic Blast 2001 team member?

  Base Camp Eric

9. Sleeping in a tent when the overnight temperature drops to fifty degrees below zero sounds:

  Peachy! Where do I sign up?
  A bit scary, but I'd be OK if I had my blankie.
  Is this a trick question?
  That is the craziest idea I've ever heard of in my life. Whose writing these questions?

10. A compass points:

  True North.
  The direction I'm going.
  The top of the map.
  The magnetic north pole.

11. I like dogs because:

  They have great personalities.
  They can fetch sticks and frisbees.
  They are related to wolves.
  I'm a cat person.

12. I would go to the North Pole instead of Hawaii because:

  The travel agent got my flight mixed up and the tickets were nonrefundable.
  I might get to see Santa Claus.
  Vacation!?! I'm not going anywhere, I'm grounded.
  Either way, temperature is all in your mind, man.

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