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Arctic Blast 2001

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Our very own special forces team!

The Arctic Blast 2001 dogs were originally bred by Will Steger for his use during his many Polar travels. Over the last 20 years, the dogs and their ancestors have been crossing the Arctic and Antarctica for tens of thousands of miles on training trips and expeditions.

Polar Huskies are bigger, broader and heavier than their better-known cousin, the Alaskan Husky which are primarily used for racing.  Our dogs are bred for greater endurance and tolerance of extreme weather.  They are very strong, friendly, and extremely loyal. Each has a unique personality that is an important component of the team.


learning PAUL PREGONT 
Expedition Co-leader.

A former world champion downhill skier, Paul was a team member of 1995 International Arctic Project, or I.A.P., a four-month traverse of the Arctic Ocean by dog sled and canoe hauling (see National Geographic, January 1996). He has racked up over 10,000 miles of winter and arctic travel in frigid locales from northern Minnesota to Alaska to Hudson Bay. In 1997, Paul led a 400-mile dog sled journey along the Bering Sea for Japanese television. He is founder of Midstates Recycling and NOMADS Adventure & Education.


Phone: 218-387-1411


Expedition Co-leader

Mille has arctic travel in her genes.  Her great grandfather was famous Arctic explorer Morten Porsild, a contemporary of Robert Peary. She began working with the IAP in 1992, logging thousands of miles behind dog teams. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, she is a published author and fluent in five languages. Mille is co-founder of NOMADS Adventure & Education.  She is an enthusiastic educator dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility, cultural understanding, and the joys of arctic travel.


Phone: 218-387-1411


learning Eric Larsen 
Education Coordinator

There are two things that dictate Eric's life: education and the outdoors.  His first foray into the world of wilderness travel began with a week long canoe trip when he was ten weeks old.  Since then, he has adventured and guided extensively in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Minnesota and the West.   His educational background is rooted in science with practical and formal training as an environmental educator. Professionally, Eric's path has taken him from backcountry ranger to guide to naturalist to curriculum and science coordinator at Eagle Bluff, a nationally accredited environmental learning center.  He is also in the process of completing a Masters of Education degree.  Eric has been a dog musher since 1994. 


Phone:  218-387-1411


learning LOGAN HIRSH 
Director of video production.

Logan is the founder of Atlanta-based Round Trip Television (RTT).  He has decades of experience in broadcast production and is a Cable Ace nominated producer of international adventure and educational programming. Prior to forming RTT, he and his wife Marnie spent several years producing outdoors programming for ESPN and ESPN2. 


Phone: 404-816 0962


learning Thomas Led 
Equipment Manager and Dog Handler.

From Denmark, Thomas came to Nomads looking for a new adventure.  His travel resume includes a motorcycle trip from Europe to Nepal, backpacking in Asia, and scuba diving in Australia.  Thomas' work experience is equally diverse from accountant to rancher in Australia.  Thomas is currently planning a motorcycle trip from Alaska to Chile.  He has single handedly (literally, he recently fractured two bones in his hand) packed and prepared most of team Arctic Blast's gear.  Thomas has also enjoyed training the Polar Huskies mushing through northern Minnesota's wilderness.


Phone: 218-387-1411


learning Jens Olsson 
Dog Trainer and Equipment Advisor.

Jens, a native of Denmark, has been with Nomads (on and off) for the past five years. Just back from managing an eight month de-mining program in Kosovo, Jens once again came to the kennel in Minnesota donating his time and efforts. He is currently finishing a Master's of Economics degree at University in Copenhagen.  Jens was also a U.N. soldier in the Danish Royal Guards.  He has adventured in Norway, France, Switzerland, and Canada and enjoys white water kayaking and back country skiing.  The Arctic Blast 2001 Polar Huskies owe their excellent physique and conditioning to Jens' well planned training program.


Phone: 218-387-1411


learning CHAD JONES 
Technology Advisor.

Executing countless online "guerilla" marketing strategies.  For Chad, the "WWW" really means the "Wild, Wild West." He has developed and founded some of Minnesota’s most prolific Web sites such as CanoeCountry.com. He has presented and taught outdoor environmental education programming at the Minnesota Raptor Center, MN Department of Natural Resources, and various educational and adventure programs in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Chad brings a combination of exceptional education and technological expertise to the Arctic Blast team.


Phone: 218-387 2075

learning Curriculum Developers
  • Eric Larsen
  • Kelly Dupre
  • Pernille Blom
  • Carrie Heinsly
  • Per Porsild
  • Mille Porsild

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