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Team Arctic Blast has over thirty years and 35,000 miles of mushing and arctic travel under their collective belts.  With all that experience, they should be able to answer just about any question you can throw their way.  Once a week, team members will try to provide the answers that you need to know. 


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Here is what you do: Send an email to questions@polarhusky.com by the end of each week. Then...

On Tuesday of the following week, check out the answers right here on "Q & A with the team"

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Posted Tuesday, May 8th
If the weather warms up and the snow melts, do you put wheels on the sleds? No, we do not put wheels on the sleds. We are traveling on sea ice right now so our biggest concern in not necessarily the melting snow, but rather, the ice breaking up and forming open leads of water. Regardless, wheels would get equally as bogged down as the sled runners.
If you have to cross water, but the ice is too unstable due to warm weather, is there an alternate route over land? We are currently traveling along the west coast of the Boothia Penisula and Somerset Isand. The route along the sea ice is the quickest path to Resolute. There are a few places we could travel on land; however, it would require a considerable amount of extra effort.
Has the ice cap been affected by Global Warming? That's a great question! If you talk with the locals, they will definitely say that the nature of the ice (how it moves, where the open leads are,) is a lot different than it used to be. I think pretty much everyone agrees that global warming has had an effect up here.
What do you do with the new puppies? We usually plan which dogs will have puppies. The puppies are born in the comfort of our kennel back in Minnesota. Visit the dogyard for a more complete overview of how we train our Polar Husky puppies.
Are you getting tired? Well, that's another good question. We have been on the trail for since the second week in February. Since that time, the temperature has not been above 25 degrees. This expedition is definitely very hard. On the other hand, each day brings a new joy or thought. The dogs also keep our spirits high!
Have you seen the northern lights recently? Ha! We had some spectacular northern light shows a little over a month ago, but now we are traveling in almost 24 hour daylight which makes it impossible to see any northern lights!
How much dog food do you use? We use a specially formulated dog food developed by Science Diet called Endurance. The dogs also eat a dry kibble type of dog food from Science Diet as well. They end up eating about 6,000 calories of food per day.

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