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The following are Workstation System Requirements for using QuickPlace (Taking part in the Collaboration Zone):

QuickPlace 2.0 uses use port 80 for HTTP, port 443 for HTTPS. For on-line awareness and chat QP uses ports 1533 and 8082.

Quickplace will save a "session based" cookie with just your user name and password to facilitate moving between the different zones on the site. As soon as you shutdown your browser this cookie is removed.

1) PC:

Internet Explorer 4 with SP4 (Service Pack 4)
Internet Explorer 5

Netscape 4.5x
Netscape 4.6x
Netscape 4.7x

Operating System:
Windows 95/98/2000
Windows NT4

2) Macintosh - Browser and Authoring Support :

Internet Explorer 5

Netscape 4.5x
Netscape 4.6x
Netscape 4.7x

Operating System:
System 8.6
System 9

3) With Lotus Notes 4.6 & Above:

Using integrated Internet Explorer 4 and above

Lotus Quick Places (Collaboration Zone) works best with the following window browsers:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 4.0 SP1 with Active Scripting™ and ActiveX™ controls enabled.
  • Netcape Navigator 4.5 with Java and JavaScript enabled.
  • Netcape Navigator 4.08 with Java and JavaScript enabled.

Things that work in Internet Explorer 4.x and 5 that do not work in Netscape 4.x at all:

  • Drag and drop of files into the upload control
  • Importing of Office documents (only HTML import is supported)
  • Creation of new Office documents
  • When importing HTML using Netscape, no images or associated stylesheets (formatting) will be imported
  • Cannot import multiple files (only one at a time)
  • Creation of custom forms using either an Office form or an HTML form - only "simple" forms can be created in NS
  • Importing of custom themes

QuickPlace does not support the use of Internet Explorer 4.5 on the Macintosh.

You cannot use a Macintosh to perform  managerial functions in a QuickPlace or administer a QuickPlace  server.

You can use a Macintosh computer to read and create  a QuickPlace.

You cannot use a Macintosh  to  create and edit HTML-based pages in a QuickPlace.

When publishing a page use the return key at the end  of lines to format properly rather than tags.

Sametime Moderated Chat Requirements 

1) PC:

Internet Explorer 4
Internet Explorer 5
Netscape 4.5x
Netscape 4.6x
Netscape 4.7x

Operating System:
Windows 95/98/2000/ME
Windows NT4

2) Macintosh - Browser and Authoring Support:

Internet Explorer 5

Operating System:
System 9

3) Port Requirements:

These may only be an issue if your school has a very restrictive firewall, or you use a proxy.

Port 80 - Default HTTP
Port 8082 - Sametime Community Services(Chat and Online Awareness)

For further help or information, please e-mail QuickPlace@polarhusky.com

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