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Arctic Blast 2001

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National Standards

Social Studies Science
Math Geography
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The Arctic Blast curriculum package furthermore draw attention to the following subject areas:
  • Art
  • Language Art
  • Health


The National Council for Social Studies states:

"The skills that should be promoted in an excellent social studies program include the following:

  • Acquiring information and acquiring data
  • Developing and presenting policies, arguments and stories
  • Constructing new knowledge
  • Participating in groups
Arctic Blast provides:
  • Primary sources and unfiltered data
  • Real life stories, dilemmas, and issues
  • Opportunities for new understandings of mysterious and unfamiliar places and people

Collaboration with expedition members, expert, and other students from North America and around the world


The National Geography Standards recommend skill development in the following areas:
  • Asking geographic questions
  • Acquiring geographic information
  • Organizing geographic information
  • Analyzing geographic information
  • Answering geographic questions
Arctic Blast encourages students:
  • To ask many geographical questions from ecological and spatial perspectives, such as

"How are people able to survive in such a harsh climate?"

To answer these questions by acquiring, organizing, and analyzing geographic information from a variety of primary and secondary sources found on the Internet


The National Council for Teaching of Mathematics suggests that the following receive increased attention:
  • Pursuing open-ended problems and extended problem-solving projects
  • Investigating and formulating questions from problem situations

Applying mathematics

The Arctic Blast math activities include:
  • Countless real-life situations which require students to predict, estimate, collect data, analyze data, compute, and solve problems
  • Opportunities for formulating a wide array of mathematical questions such as, "How long will the expedition take if they continue traveling at this rate?"

Opportunities for students to understand and apply mathematics in real life situations such as converting weights, measures, and currency


In Benchmark for Science Literacy, the American association for the Advancement of Science states that:
  • Students should "be actively involved in exploring phenomena that interest them both in and out of class"
  • Students should look for "similarities and differences among the things they collect and examine

"Student investigations ought to constitute a significant part -–but only a part – of the total science experience…even though the main purpose of students learn how science works, it is important to back up such experience with selected readings"


The Arctic Blast science activities include:
  • Taking students on an exciting virtual field trip to the Arctic to conduct scientific explorations
  • Collaborative online projects where students around North America and the world can analyze the similarities and differences found within much larger and more diverse data samples;

Connecting students to primary and real life sources, which have more immediacy and relevancy than relying solely on textbooks and encyclopedias.



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