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Life on the trail can be pretty tough: thirty degrees below zero, long days of skiing and mushing, biting winds, the same food day after day, sleeping in a tent for weeks on end... are you starting to get the picture? The NOMADS team's nerves can easily wear thin, but no matter how down and weary they feel, it only takes something small to change their attitude. "A story, song, or funny joke always makes me smile; the world doesn't seem so bad after hearing someone else's good news", says Paul.

Check the inbox to see notes other NOMADS Online Classroom explorers are sending to Team NOMADS!
Brighten the day of even the most grizzled explorer by sending a message to the NOMADS team. Write a quick note, tell them a story, or send them the lyrics to your newest rap song even though they can not respond to you. Any positive vibe sent will definitely improve their spirits. They don't have TV or the National Enquirer, either - so feel free to update them about the all the news that YOU think is important

Please try to keep your messages to 75 words -- Thank you!
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