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Is it prep time yet?  Your schedule is jam packed with tests, runny noses, lost assignments, and meetings.  Relax, sit down, grab a cup of coffee...this is the Teacher's Lounge and we've done all the work.  Use this information to help plan your complete Arctic Blast 2001 educational adventure.

Find a quick summary of the expedition and our educational goals in the program outline.  The Curriculum section provides a brief glimpse into the curriculum package and how it correlates with the expedition.
Ultimately, we would like each classroom to use the K - 12 nationally accredited curriculum package.  Each of the 16 units contains background information, work sheets, and idea gems.  Use the experiences of team Arctic Blast as a springboard for multi disciplinary learning.

Download Curriculum Package

Download Teacher Guide

Background information for your students can be found in the Back Pack section

Consult the calendar to correlate the expedition with each curriculum package units.   The calendar also gives trail updates, Lotus Sametime moderated chat events, and weekly Q & A schedule. If you haven't already received your map click on classroom materials. Want to know specifically how to use Arctic Blast in your classroom?  Just download the Teacher Guide.
Accentuate your program with the Lotus QuickPlace Collaboration Zones.  Discuss topics ranging from winter ecology to world resource without complicated software packages. All you need is a standard web browser.  

See exact computer specifications here.


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