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Think you and your students got what it takes to be a Polar Husky? Test your arctic endurance by following their paw prints across Nunavut.  

Here's the deal...If you're really tough, looking for adventure, or just want to know what it feels like to hop, skip, jump the entire length of the Arctic Blast Expedition, then this is a challenge for you.

Team Arctic Blast wants your class or school to rack up 2500 miles of walking, running, snow boarding or whatever -- you decide. Just add your individual mileage to see how your total stacks up against our powerful sled dogs.

Logging the 2500 mile trek is simply a goal. Remember, our Polar Huskies are incredible athletes. They are bred for their endurance and desire to run and pull. Even team Arctic Blast has a difficult time keeping up with their energy level. We just want you to give it your best effort! At the completion of the expedition each participating class will get a Certificate of Participation**. 

The dogs will be looking for you in Grise Fiord, Nunavut. Good Luck.

** The certificate will be a download pdf file to print.

Trek with the Polar Huskies Code of the Trail

1. Mileage tracking begins on February 12th and ends May 1st.

2. Human powered activities only, please (apply exceptions where appropriate).

3. Decide whether to work as a class or school and tabulate results accordingly.

4. Use the official "Foot Print" mileage form to record results. (click here to get it)

5. Download official "Trek Certificate" when complete. (click here to get it)

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