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Expedition Inbox


hi whatt are you guys doing? so how is the traveling well i'm from fort severn in grade 8 well gotta go bye
This is the Explores I class at Primrose School of Barker Cypress. We hope that you are having a safe journey. We look foward to going on the expedition with you. Good Luck Sinerely, Explorers I
Hi, we are in Ms.Giles Explorers II class. we are 1st grade through 5th grade and we are so exited about learning about your awesome expeditions. Thanks so much for letting us follow you through this cool adventure!!!
hi,im in ms. laufenberg's class right now.we are studing about the things your sled team is doing and going to do. it's a lot of fun
Paul & Mille, Thank you for setting me up to follow you, I am so thrilled. Take care out there
HI! Thank You for having this site. We are doing this, and not class! It is so nice! It is a wonderful website! KEEP WARM AND HAVE FUN!


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